Need a /server GUI plugin

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  1. Hi guys
    Just decided to post something here, about a plugin that I need. I need a plugin, so that when players do /server, /bungee:server [NAME], /server [NAME] or /bungee:server it opens a customizable GUI. I really don't want bots to join my server, so I think this would help, since you have to move before chatting in the hub.
  2. Search for an antibot plugin if you want to prevent them from joining
  3. I've tried that, but it still doesnt prevent bots. I really would like this GUI plugin...
  4. itd suggest chestcommands its a free plugin that allows u to create a gui it can do exactly what u are asking for if you need help setting it up just let me know and ill try and help u with it.
  5. Chestcommands didn't work for me, sorry.

    Also, is there any way to customize worldguard messages? MessageFilter doesnt work
  6. why doesn't chestcommands work i've setup that b4
  7. I would highly recommend chestcommands. Free and easy to setup. Try to get it working.
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  8. Chest commands is the simplest setup for this.
  9. Geka


    ChestCommands for the win.
  10. Geka


    If it didn't work, PM me and I can help you or code a plugin for u.
  11. Agreed.
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  12. disable /server command
  13. If I did that, how would they connect to other servers?
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  14. I guess you could use deluxe menus and make the command to open the menu /server you can fully customize when they right click or left click on it, how large you want the menu to be, what you want the items to be, where you want them to be, etc.
  15. with chestcommands, deluxemenus or bungeesigns you dont need the /server command
  16. I tried all of those, sadly none of them work.
  17. I use CustomGUI (bungeecord support) and tons more