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  1. I need a Server name for my server, I want it to catch people's attention when they scroll through the server list. It will be just a creative server with a nice community, I want it to resemble a getaway place, like vacation or something fun. It could end in Network or Craft, it doesn't matter. I need something original and i've been thinking about a few names but they just wont work.
  2. Why do people keep asking for server names on here when there's literally a rule dedicated to not asking for server names? READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU POST. Idiots.

    1. Do not post threads asking the community to "Name your X", including but not limited to usernames, servers, services, products, etc (moderator’s discretion).
      1. This includes threads asking for an appraisal of price or "Would you buy X?"
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    "name my x" threads aren't allowed, sorry.
  4. asking for server names isnt likely to work, ask your community or brain storm stuff
  5. Also, the one thing I'll give @MCProHosting for is their server name generator. Just follow along through their checkout process with the stupid enter your name and your players thing, then at the end before you pay there should be a name generator.

  6. Thanks for reminding me politely, unlike ExplosiveNight
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  7. GaIaxy


    We get this a lot.

    Read the rules and people will not be rude to you for breaking them. :)
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