Need a solid alternative for PlugMan

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  1. Let me know a good alternative for plugman please.
  2. What's wrong with PlugMan?
  3. Probably because some plugins crash when you load/disable/enable it. Using an alternative won't change that
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  4. MiniDigger


    its a hack. even if there would be an alternative, it would probably be as bad. do stuff properly.
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  5. Many servers use PlugMan and alternative plugin managers. The only problem I am having with plugin is it creates errors. Loading, unloading, enabling, disabling, all of those features are extremely nice. It isn't doing stuff "Improperly"
  6. Choco


    That's the problem. Plugins aren't meant to be enabled / disabled on command like that. The reason why most of us developers hate PlugMan is because it causes errors and all it does is bring people who complain to us that our plugin isn't working, when really it's the fault of another. Sure, they're nice features, but they're not meant to work like that. The same thing goes for the /reload command which essentially does the same thing, and is extremely discouraged
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  7. It's doing stuff improperly, because you're supposed to restart the whole server and not to use something hacky as PlugMan which is technically a /reload for a specific plugin. It's good for testing purposes and all but plugins doesn't support that kind of stuff, they aren't even supposed to.
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  8. Huh. Well I guess you learn something new everyday. I knew about the /reload of course, and when people think it's a good idea to do that, it frustrates me as well, however never did I know, that PlugMan caused things like that to happen. However, recently I did remove it because it caused a few errors in my console which I noted as unacceptable. Thank you for telling me this, as I would not have known otherwise.
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  9. Most plugins have a /reload command their self. If they don't have one, try to get an alternative for that plugin
  10. I see what you mean, I am having this error aswell? I never had it before! Let's check is Plugman is not taken down

    EDIT: An update was made 6h ago. Maybe we both have auto-update: yes and the newest version is

    EDIT: Downloaded the previous version, works
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  11. electronicboy

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    I ended up decompiling plugman and patching an issue or two inside of it a while back, no idea if I still have the source or anything, nor do I recall what I actually changed (or if I'm even still using that version), fairly sure it was a combination between an exception and a memory leak or something.
    It's /okay/ to use if you understand it's drawbacks and limitations and don't rely on it to actually work properly for your testing; e.g. use it to help fix issues if needs be by avoiding restarts and stuff, however; if you're using it on a production server you should probably not be running a server
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  12. I only use plugman to delete plugins
  13. electronicboy

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    even worse, because you can cause dead references to plugins that was being hooked by other plugins, causing other plugins to break
  14. I don't bother
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  15. Im sure you'll find one, KEEP ON GOIN!
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  16. DanielNaaman


    I don't see any reason not to use PlugMan, it is very efficient and lite. If you really don't want to use PlugMan there are some "cheap" alternatives, i don't know much but i do recommend that you stick to PlugMan.
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  17. MiniDigger


    we tried to explain him how flawed the concept of stuff like that is and that nobody ever should use such plugins. you WILL encounter stupid errors and performance degradations.
  18. Not if you know how to use it.
    Also I said I am satisfied with it not that I don't encounter problems with it. BUT the point of my post is there was no need for 10 people to tell him exactly the same thing... After the first one explained why PlugMan has problems the rest of you should have either given him what he wants or not say anything.
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  19. What exactly is the right way to use it?