Need a spigot plugin Development Series

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  1. Hi,

    Could someone please be kind enough to make a plugin coding series on like a weekly bases, it would help out not just me but all the other people learning to code.

    If someone could please open there heart and help by doing this all i could say is THANK YOU.

    Thanks for reading,

  2. They're the same as Bukkit plugins...
  3. I know but.. it's close enough it means the same thing.

    Please can someone do this?
  4. You're aware you just repeated what I said using totally different words?
  5. gigosaurus


    1: Learn Java.
    2: Read the spigot javadocs which will now make sense, as well as the getting started section on the bukkit wiki.
    3: ???
    4. Profit.
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  6. Try this Video :
  7. The thing is, Bukkit/Spigot plugin walkthrough tutorials are completely useless, because the plugins are 90% basic Java and 10% Bukkit/Spigot API that is extremely easy to learn from the javadocs and the getting started pages. Once you have a solid understanding of Java, you can start making plugins in 3 hours max.

    This is why making a Bukkit/Spigot plugin tutorial is pointless. There are already so many good Java tutorials that Bukkit/Spigot tutorials are completely unnecessary, and are almost guaranteed to be inferior to existing reputable Java tutorials.

    Just an analogy, Bukkit/Spigot tutorials that start from scratch are just like having a Tomcat (Java webserver) tutorial that walks you through the most basic of basic Java syntax, it just isn't necessary at all. All online Tomcat tutorials will just teach you things ON TOP of basic Java knowledge, that you should know before starting to learn Tomcat.

    Sorry for the rant
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