Need a WordPress theme

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by HoogleyBoogley, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. I am about to launch my server, along with my website. I need a WordPress theme. It needs to be compatible with BBPress. I like the style of MinePlex's website. Is there a WordPress theme like that?

  2. Mineplex uses enjin, so that's a no
  3. Wordpress is very powerful and customizable, so it doesn't mean that their can't be. It would obviously require custom development though.
  4. Yeah, just saying there is most likely not a theme for wordpress that looks like mineplex's website
  5. I know that, I just want something similar.
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  6. Maybe here is something for you.
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  7. Likely not gonna happen, you have no reputation.
  8. Ok, who say that ?
  9. 25 Rep is nothing.
  10. For wordpress, if you want professional themes then the most common place to go is which has a bunch of themes. Browse around there and take a look at ratings to see what suits you. Try also using the tags and categories on the side to get a more specific list, and sort by top selling or rated to get reliable results.
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