Need an npc plugin

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by nightcodex, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Hello,
    Im looking for a 1.9.4 npc plugin . citizens is not working for me also none of other npc plugins

    i literally dont know if 1.9.4 is supported by any npc plugin .....
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  2. but this one dont work for 1.9.4
  3. nope sadly iddk why man im stressed
  4. Hmm.... Maybe get a Dev to make it updated for like $5 or less
  5. Ye my host does it for free
  6. Well, that's great for you- it'll save u a couple $

  7. Well its probaly since im sponsored on my stream by him haha
  8. Stream?
    o_O maybe I'll check it out
  9. awesome sadly dutch but i change to englishwhen english ppl are on
  10. Cool - I can always just use a translator so I can understand :)
  11. Citizens, as well as all of the complimentary plugins like Denizens, sentry, builder etc, all work on 1.9.4. I have used them since 1.7.10 and had no problem with them. Now it's all updated to 1.10 you might need to go to the dev build site and find an older build I guess, but I always though they were somewhat backwards compatible. Likely another plugin is conflicting. I would always recommend starting with a clean server and add the plugins in one by one.

    Since I only recently updated to 1.10 I might still be able to find the build number I used for 1.9.4.