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  1. I want a plugin that can make a area needs permission.Could worldguard do it?Or other plugin?
  2. If a player don’t have permission he can’t mine it.
    Such as a. Player has permission mine.1 so he can mine area1.if he has mine.2 so he can mine area2.
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  3. Well, you would have to create your region /region define <yourRegion>. Then add the flags you want /region flag <yourRegion> <flag> <allow/deny>. If I remember correctly it is block-break to allow/deny block breaking (see here for all flags). And add the people you want to assign to that area via /region addmember <yourRegion> <member>.
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  4. You can use WorldGuard to make regions which require people to have permission to modify those regions. Then use a permissions plugin to apply those permissions to players.
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