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  1. We just started up our server and have already had chargebacks.. Our terms and condition clearly state there is a strict NO refund policy but im not sure exactly what to do after they have charged back even though it says that is not allowed? Help please..
  2. Put in a counter claim and be sure to send your terms.
  3. Counter claim? sorry im new
  4. Refund Policy:
    The packages that you purchase here are intangible goods. We have a strict no refund policy. As you can not replace the items and or time taken to assign you your rank and or items, no refunds will be granted. Buycraft does NOT have a refund policy for packages bought from webstores, this policy is ONLY for Buycraft Licenses.

    Attempts to bypass our refund policy via filing an un-authorized dispute with PayPal and or with your credit card company will result in permanent removal of you from the server. It also can cause an investigation regarding the charge-back.

    Privacy Policy:
    Your information provided upon checkout whether private or public will not be; sold, exchanged, transferred or given to any other company and or person(s) without your consent. Other than for the sole purpose of delivering the purchased goods and or services.

    This is our terms
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    Just refund the money and move on, it's really the best thing that you can do.
  6. Will it happen alot though? :c
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    Depends what type of server you run (meaning, what type of people come to your server) and how you/your staff treat the players. I've always ran survival servers, so the chargeback rate is extremely low; I haven't had a dispute in over 2 years.
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  8. If you don't want to get chargebacked make sure your staff is acting how they should and that the players don't get bored of the server by adding in new features and gamemodes every so often.
  9. Aren't there some time limits for chargebacks?
  10. Yeah, it's half a year.
  11. Wow? Are you sure about that? I mean ... I googled around some but I can't find any official sources for that info... :rolleyes:
  12. They changed it from 30 (or was it 60?) days to 180 a few months back.
  13. Honestly, the best thing I have found to do is call whoever you take your payments through (paypal, etc) and talk to them about it. Sometimes you may be required to just refund the money though, beats getting charged a huge fee.
  14. It was 90
  15. I meant make a dispute. Some evidence you MUST include:
    Proof the user received the rank
    Your terms and conditions at the time of purchase

    Also, calling PayPal and talking to someone WILL help.
  16. make sure you are 18 when u have paypal/payng taxes/following rules because paypal catches you when contacting them.
  17. Chargebacks suck. They really do and you can't do a thing about it.
    Your Terms and Conditions don't mean a thing to the bank. What a chargeback means is the person who donated is telling their bank that they never authorized that payment. If they're caught in a lie, they can face serious legal issues as claiming a false chargeback is fraud.

    PayPal/Stripe or whatever your Payment method is have no control of the situation once a Chargeback is initiated. It's between you and the bank with the Payment Method being the middleman.

    What is nice though is the service of Buycraft will SOMETIMES turn their Completed payment into a Chargeback and that will ban that user from every other Buycraft Donation page that has a Chargeback Threshold set. Now disputes are much better to deal with (From experience with PayPal) we had a player dispute over $300 and as I was calling PayPal to get it all settled I started getting the emails that all the disputes were closed in my favor. PayPal knew that he made the payments and closed them within 15 minutes of them being opened. Disputes are something you can fight to a point.

    Chargebacks aren't worth it. Best hope you can call whoever and issue the refund and try and settle it rather than lose those funds, PLUS pay a Chargeback Fee which (PayPal) is $25. Regardless of the amount donated. You offer a donation package that's worth $1 and someone chargebacks, you lose $26.

    PayPal doesn't seem to care too much about chargebacks, but Stripe has a limit, if you get too many Chargebacks they will dump you. Same with 2CheckOut.
  18. Its 180 days which is pretty stupid.
  19. This is for PayPal
    145 days and Disputes can no longer be opened by the buyer.
    Chargebacks are instant fund freezers while they investigate which you can close in a matter of minutes, or let them stay open for a few months in which they can close in either buyer or seller's favor.

    If you ever have to deal with a refund of money, pray it's a Dispute those are quick to fight and PayPal is starting to equalize their stance both with the Buyer and the Seller. Before it made the Buyer to be some fricken GOD and they could do no wrong and the Seller was always a scam artist. -.-