Need Dedicated Server in the USA

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by baragamer, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Most of our players are from South America and we need to be able to host 100-300 players online.
    We want to pay 40-79 dollars! 32GB RAM...
    Can you send me some dedicated servers that would match this requirements?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I would go for Reliablesite.

    Here is a dedicated server for your price range: LINK
  3. Plus, Reliablesite has a datacenter in Miami, which is the closest to South America.
  4. PebbleHost is your best shot, $1 per GB. They have cheap and reliable services and onhand active support too.
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  5. Hit up Thank me later =)
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  6. What part of "in the USA" don't you understand? Same for you, @FrostedWeFall
  7. is owned by OVH and they opened a data center in the US
  8. They are not currently selling any dedicated servers in the US, the only ones available at the moment are Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Singapore, United Kingdom.
  9. This isn’t really helping your problem, but I have them at both my friend’s houses, due to their Internet having 1GB Ethernet, and Internet Connections + full DDoS Protection, which one has 16GB of DDR5 Ram, while the other has 64GB of DDR5 Ram, both have Xeon Processors.
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  10. DDR5 is only in GPUs, there isn't any ram sticks that are DDR5, only DDR4. I am curious as to how you have "Full DDoS Protection" and what you are determining this with as there is no such thing as complete protection.
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  11. No.
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  12. I agree, they offer a good dedicated server in comparison with competitors and their prices.
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  13. excuse me but pebble host has servers in the usa
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  14. According to their web site, dedicated servers are only available in Canada, Denmark, and France.
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  15. mcprohosting lol
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  16. So you start has dedicated servers in the US only for the game servers though I believe
  17. Not according to their web site they don't.

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