Need Fast ASP.NET/SQL Server hosting

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  1. I'm looking for an ASP.NET and SQL Server host for a site I'm developing. Here's the important caveat though: I have a backup of a SQL database (.bak file) and need to be able to restore this database on the host.

    Can someone refer me to a host where I have enough control over SQL Server that I can restore a database .bak file? Someone suggest me to buy a server plan at Can anyone tell me about their service?
    Can you please recommend me some good hosting which meets my requirement ?
  2. RSNET-Radic


    Most control panels will allow you to restore a .bak file with SQL Server. You can pick up a Windows VPS with SSDs and install SQL Express (free) on it with WebSitePanel (free). That will give you tons of power and all the control you could ever want.
  3. Hi Goinfroy,

    You can restore the database via control panel. Most of hosting provider permit the user to backup and restore the backup files. Please just read their review at, I see good reviews about their hosting services. You may try them.

    Good luck