Need for a plugin that tracks general server statistics?

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Would you be interested in a plugin that tracks various pieces of information of your server?

  1. Yes, I would pay attention to the information and try to use it to benefit my users

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  2. Yes, it would be interesting to have but I wouldn't really do much about it

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  3. No, I wouldn't find it useful and probably wouldn't download/use it

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  4. No, I feel like existing plugins already do most of what this plugin promises

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  1. For the past few days I've been working on a plugin (my first, just started programming in minecraft) which tracks servers' individual statistics, such as peak player times, average session lengths, general daily information, etc. - I've reached a point where I have to make a choice:
    • Either start to finish it off, because it's not seen as that interesting, and release a working version that doesn't have all the features I was initially planning, but does a few neat things - this would make it mostly just a learning experience for me, and its release wouldn't really matter.
    • On the other hand, I can continue working on it and make it highly configurable, robust, with a lot of different statistics, and continue to maintain it for a while with fixes/updates.
    Personally, I'm currently enjoying creating this plugin and have learned quite a few things these past few days - honestly, if I owned a server I'd be sorta interested in the sort of statistics and information that my plugin currently tracks. But I always liked statistics/numbers, and I realise I'm probably in a minority, so here I am wondering whether this would interest others.

    So would a configurable plugin that tracks various pieces of information of your server, presenting them to you in a detailed text file, be of any interest to anyone? Or should I just try to finish it off and release, moving on to the next (possible) idea?

    (Or is there a plugin out there that already does everything I've said, and I'm just oblivious to it?)
  2. Stats by lolmewn tracks general information on players, but not server statistics.
    Statistics has a few authors but includes what you're looking for, I believe.
  3. Like Megans has proven, there are other plugins that already provide these features, but it doesn't hurt to release the plugin.

    If you enjoy developing this kind of plugin, stick with it. If not, find something else...

    PS: Make sure you add MySQL support
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