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  1. basically when people pvp other people they dont die. They lose up to a certain amount of health depending what weapon is being use and what armor is being worn. Say someone is attackign someone with a diamond sword and he has iron armor, he is only going to lose up to 2 hearts and no matter how much he attks the guy with armor wont go below 2 hearts until one of the armor pieces break and than it gets stuck at another 3 or 4 hearts. Its a 1.8 spigot and the plugins are installer, adminfun, worldguard, no swear, essentials, colored signs, group manager, clear lag, serverannouncement, more worlds, holographic displays, no cheat plus, disguise, spleef, crates, vault, chat manager, essentials spawn, essentialsxmpp, title manager, trading, sign shop, auction house, and playervaults