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  1. We basically have one problem. And thats for pvp. The damage system isnt working properly. Say your wearing full diamond armor, someon keeps atking u wth a dia sword, but you'll stay at 6 bars and wont budge below, if an armor piece breaks down and you keep getting atked you stay at 6 hearts etc. Basically the weapon only does damage once for a certain amoutn of hp and than it never dmges again. Please help.I use:

    1.8 Spigot. Using essentials, Adminfun, colored signs, group manager, clear lag, more world, schedueld announce ment, holographicdisplays, nocheatplus, esentialsxmpp, disguise, spleef, crates, vault, chatmanager, essentials spawn, title manager, trading, sign shop, auction house, player vault
  2. Most likely something with NoCheatPlus, try removing it and see if the problem persists.
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  3. ok once owner comes on ill tell him, but if anyone else have suggestions please keep adding them
  4. And the point of that was?

    E: Nevermind, [​IMG] [​IMG]
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