Need help building a taxes plugin

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  1. I want to make a plugin that is basically the same as the original taxes plugin, but i want to REMOVE one aspect: Tax Exemption for ops or anyone with the permission node... would building a new plugin be a good way to do this, or can i edit the one i am using now.
  2. If the original plugin creator says it's okay (either directly to you or via a license on the plugin), the easiest and quickest option would be to edit the existing plugin. This sounds like a matter of surrounding some method call with an if statement and (possibly) adding a custom permission.
  3. How could I do that. I've never worked with plug-ins other than the config.yml. XP

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  4. If you would rather not learn Java, you may have to hire someone to make a plugin for you (there's a forum section for that).
  5. First things first:

    Contact the plugin developer and get their consent. Editing plugins may be against the license of that plugin and the plugin author can choose to take action if they find out.

    Next you have two options:

    - learn Java and edit it yourself (2-6 months)
    - hire someone to edit the plugin for you or even make you a new one ($$, 1-4 weeks)

    Your choice. But don't be editing plugins without permission. It's just wrong
  6. It's in the license, I checked

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  7. Well then you will have to choose one of the two options I stated above.

    Also would mind seeing this license. Purely curiousity
  8. I just found a MUCH easier Elway to do this through skrypt

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