Need help, cant understand packages

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  1. Hey,

    im creating my second plugin! im a newbie and i dont know where to place my packages / class

    i will create a YTGui, im getting info how to do that from this video :
    and i will not add warps but there yt channel if u click there skull!
    but is does not show in wich class / package i need to do that :( i use ecplise

    can someone explane me how the packes and classes works.
    im new at java and i dont have much experience. i watched much tuts and have one plugin created.

    also if you have an good pdf over java thats learnfull please give me a link!
  2. Learn java, follow the links in my signature.
    You should not be trying to make plugins until you understand how to use an IDE, what OOP is, and how to write basic java programs.
  3. If you're new to programming and really want to get into programming plugins i recommend purchasing yourself a book like Head First Java .
    Programming plugins will be way easier if you actually know how programming actually works. If you prefer something more interactive i suggest using something like CodeCademy's java tutorials. Even if it were only for the first few lessons you'd learn a ton of things which would help you immensely with programming plugins, and, on the long run, spare you a lot of time not having to ask questions like this one. :p
  4. A package, unlike not OO languages (maybe that was too complicated) is just a folder for your class to go in. A Class is (simplified) something that has class <name> or something like that. It's basically a file for your code to sit in.
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