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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Crex, Sep 1, 2014.

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  1. Kimsufi support is shit, I'm sorry.
  2. Wh
    at is your definition of support from a dedicated server host?

    Help with setting up and sercuring your server or fast hardware replacement?
  3. You don't get to choose the IP. It's still a random IP, but the port will be 25565, meaning you can use just the IP, without the port to connect.
  4. No, they only reply to our support tickets asking for our fucking server when we threaten a chargeback, lol.
  5. Your with Netherbyte right? How did you get the domain
  6. No, I want an easy domain. I hate the numbers haha
  7. You have to buy a domain from a place like or Then you can link the domain to your server's IP. Most server hosts don't sell domains, but some do offer Sub-Domains. IE:
  8. Bought a dedicated IP and forwarded my domain to it? lol
  9. Haha could explain the process with a netherbyte server? You don't have to if this is such a fucking easy thing and I'm sorry I am the biggest fucking noob when it comes to this shit
  10. What's your skype?
  11. Skype: crexgfx
  12. @Crex A server provider like OVH is not supposed to help with your server. They are supposed to replace hardware on failure and solve other problems. But nothing about setting up your linux server or anything like that.
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  13. Oh you're right, I forgot that it was SYS and OVH who have decent support with phone people; but it doesn't get much better than indians saying garbage that you can't understand.
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