need help find clearr items

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  1. hi guys,
    i am looking a plugin to clear the item off the griound, last i have one but counter in the plugin was counting down wrong
    laggclear i think sk version
  2. ClearLagg does that. You don't really need that sort of plugin though
  3. server dont auto clean up
  4. ClearLagg has that Feature Build in with Timer and everything
  5. yes i look in it config file
    and i fix the message proper
  6. ok this post can be closed
  7. why?

    are you sure?
  8. when i came to pvp arena there was sword there it didnt despawn
    that i notices
  9. Spigot does have a despawn feature. It's called item despawn rate. Each entity has a default of 6,000 seconds before it spawns. ClearLagg works by removing all entity at a set time.
  10. oh can that be disable? on spigot
  11. Yeah installing ClearLagg will do the trick.
  12. i changes item-despawn-rate longer if i do -1 it always take away
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