Need help finding 1.8+ rpg plugins!

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  1. OK so I'm trying hard with my team to make the best, unique starwars server. While some of it includes participating in wars, or surviving on a apocalyptic planet, as the title says, it is Rpg. Our problem? We can't find a good plugins without problems. We also would rather have an easy to configure plugin. What do we. Have so far? We have citizens 2, and crack shot (we have other plugins unrelated). *I AM willing to pay for premium plugins if there are ones that fit my needs*. Thanks- The OryxCraftTeam
  2. So, I'm not really sure what you're asking... what do you want in an RPG plugin? I'm not familiar with many, but as far as I know, most of them consists of classes, kits, etc. Is that what you're looking for? Otherwise, for something unique you'll probably need to resort to hiring a developer to make it for you.
  3. Oh no.. Mcmmo is not what we need.. We need classes and quests for top priority (would be great if it was a class gui) and it is starwars so mcmmo and diablodrops etc won't fit.
  4. Honestly, for the best possible implementation of whatever you have in mind, you'll probably need to get custom plugins made specifically to the criteria you need. If you make do with a general-purpose plugin, you'll likely end up cutting a lot of corners and making sacrifices that bring you further and further from your original idea.

    To put it simply, what you want is probably going to cost you actual money. And it's probably not cheap either.
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  5. Still, I would like to know of a good quest plugin that works
  6. Well we really do require a quest plugin please help.