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  1. I hope this is the right place to post this, sorry if it isn't.

    I want a plugin that allows players to claim an area, but not actually protect it. Basically it would check the layout of the claim every couple hours, and then reset it back to the way the owner made it(except for items in chests). Also, items would not drop from blocks unless you are owner or allowed by owner to do so.

    This means that I can have a pseudo-griefing server, where you can rip apart someone's base but you can also keep your base(and hard work) intact.

    Is there a plugin that does this?
  2. i can make custom dm on discord at Omegawarns458#5963
  3. I can't find you... maybe I just suck at using discord so I'll keep looking
  4. what is your name on discord
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  5. I'm TriusMalarky#7142
    Sorry about the delay, I was out of town
  6. So it would allow people to destroy each other's bases but then reset every day? I feel like that could be easily exploited if that's what you are referring to.

    Ex: Bob and Joe join, Bob creates an area full of diamond blocks which Joe raids and keeps the items. The region regenerates and they do it again the next day.

    I haven't heard of any plugins like this before but it's an intriguing concept.
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  7. A cool idea = Smash and Grab

    The robber can only take stuff from containers and the damage is repaired after they have left.
  8. Hell, you'd only need one diamond block, just exploit with that one block alone...
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  9. Exactly. Get the most valuable item on the server and you can duplicate it as many times as you want. Maybe theres a workaround for that though idk. I like what @Goldentoenail said about smash and grab though, I'd enjoy that
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  10. Couldn't you exploit that as well? Assuming the items would re-appear due to the "The robber can only take stuff from containers and the damage is repaired after they have left."
  11. I may be misinterpreting, but OP seems to have this covered in his description of the plugin:
    This system seems exploit proof, provided that those "allowed" to build will NOT have any of their changes reverted.
  12. Ah so they just get the satisfaction of destroying a base but without anyone actually losing anything. That could be a fun system
  13. Strahan


    Well, they'd lose items in chest that the attacker would take. He said the items wouldn't reset, so they stay gone.
  14. Ah that would actually be really fun. It would be great motivation to hide your chests really well but you could still build a nice looking base.

    I suppose people would probably still just use tnt to blow the entire chunk up to get to the hidden chests and ruin the fun. Not sure how you'd counteract that or if people would have as much of a problem with it as im thinking they would.
  15. Couldn't you do this with a combination of Worldguard & AreaShop?
  16. you make custom plugins? for a price or for free depending on how small the job is?
  17. yes you probs could