Need help finding decent GFX card upgrade ~300$

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  1. ScreenShot of cpu-z Graphics tab:
    Absolutely no clue what graphics card i have because it doesn't specify. So if any knows how i would find out, that would be helpful. As well as a upgrade for around 300$. Can provide more specs if you would like.
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    Um? It says right there GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7600

    I'd go for a GTX 960 or 970 (or a comparable AMD card if you prefer AMD). Make sure it's compatible with your graphics program, however.
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    Uh, we're talking about graphics cards. Intel doesn't make GPU's.

    EDIT: Dedicated GPU's. Intel doesn't make dedicated GPU's at the time of this writing.

    That's what I meant.
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  4. They do, their upcoming GT4e is promising some kickass improvements over their GT3e as well.
  5. oops, sorry. you're right
  6. 100% serious.
    The GT4e is promising "50% increases in performance over the GT3e".
    Now we just need a chip with 128MB eDRAM and the low-end discrete GPU market is completely dead.
  7. Correct, we're talking about all GPUs:
    Also, if Intel keeps what they promise, which they usually do, the GT4e will beat the 750ti. That's past mid-end.
  8. I responded to this thread because of your statement that "Intel does not make GPUs", which is false.
  9. It's called "Discrete GPUs". Get it right.
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    I've heard it said both ways.

    I'm not trying to pick fights with you frash, you know that right?

    I'm going to delete my posts, as they've de-railed the thread.
  11. Let's try not to fight here. Anyways, the GTX 970 is quite amazing. About $329 or so depending on where you buy it(I prefer Newegg). Look up some reviews and look at the PCMasterRace
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  12. 7600 series, i did not know that was the card, and not the series.
  13. [​IMG]

    I thought this was a COMPLETELY different thread to begin with, haha.

    Gonna go with my current cards and say get a Radeon R9 290x, or R9 280x if that's out of your budget. Amazing cards.
  14. Go for a gtx 970 great card and comes with Shadowplay (record your games only 2-4 fps drop in 1080p 60fps and goes up to 4k). Also allows you to stream using very little computer resources up to 720p but you still will need and internet connection with a high enough upload to stream.
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  15. considering you used to have a 7600 series right now. i think a 960 would be more than enough for you right now. a 970 is more for 1440p gaming. do you even have a monitor that is more than 60hz / 1080p
  16. I don't want more than enough, I'd rather have something that lasts me.
  17. A 970 will last you for a long....long...long time. If you really want to go future proof, go for a 980 Ti if you can afford one ;p
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  18. The GTX 970 Windforce Gaming is pretty amazing. Not entirely sure if it meets your $300 mark, but for around that price, it's probably one of the best, if not the best card you can buy. This thing can be overclocked to a stock 980.
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  19. I have a GTX 970 in my system running with an i5 (for now), and it is amazing.

    I use 2 x 27inch 1080p monitors and it runs games like GTA 5 at almost 100fps with just about everything maxed.

    The gigabyte windforce 970 is really good because of its great cooling too.

    If you want a reliable graphics card that will last you for many years to come and still be a strong competitor aginsts new graphics cards, I'd say spend a little more and buy yourself a GTX970 :)
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