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    Hello guys,

    I writing the first time here, so sorry, if it's in the wrong section.

    I want to make a mailing-system that should use The Book for messages.
    Is there a way/a API to make/use a BookGUI?

    If you not know, what I mean with BookGUI: I mean this thing here.

    Again sry, if this is in the wrong place. And Sorry, if my english is bad. :(

    Kind regards
  2. You can make a command so when a player is holding a written book to send it to someone over the internet with MimeMessage (javax.mail needed)
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    This is possible if you aren't scared of a little NMS.

    Without spoon-feeding, set the item in their hand to the book your want to open. Then get the EntityPlayer(in NMS) and call the a(ItemStack,EnumHand) method. Finally, set the item back to the one they had before.
    If you aren't sure just use EnumHand.MAIN_HAND.

    I don't know why, but you have to set the item in their hand to the book you want to open.