[Need help] I think I broke my server

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  1. qnm


    Heres my server
    I try to connect with my ip and i get connection refused...or socket wont load...or unkown host... But other servers work!

    Kan anybody help me out?


    also im trying to set up a subdomain to join (play.capinski.me) on hostinger shared hosting plan but the dns is kinda messed up. if anybody looking at my server can give me an exact dns records that would be kinda helpfull
  2. What were you doing before you noticed you were unable to connect?
  3. It's your server, I hope you have access to the console where you start and stop the server. Just check if it is running and that there's nothing else running on that port?

    Connection refused: the port is blocked or the server isn't listening for incoming connection (offline)

    Start your server after checking there's a proper firewall rule for that port.

    You mention your dns is screwed up: fix that first.

    Screenshot 2018-10-12 at 07.53.29.png
  4. The root domain exists but the play subdomain doesn't exist in the DNS though.
  5. indeed, so if you connect to it, you get connection refused, since it's not connecting to anything.
  6. qnm


    thanks so much for all the help

    so let me get this clear:
    the reason that i can't connect is because my domains attempt to connect is getting in the way?
    so if i just deleted the subdomain and its records i could connect with my ip again?

    or, i could put up a firewall rule for my port and connect the domain to the right place?
    so what should i set my dns records to?
    and how do i set up the firewall rule

    sorry im really new to this
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  7. If you want people to connect with abc.example.com, and you own example.com as your domain.
    You then create an IN A record for abc on example.com to point to your public IP of the mc server like

    domain: example.com (manage dns)
    add new record:
    A / abc /

    when you do
    nslookup abc.example.com
    it should then resolve to

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