Need help looking for a server

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  1. So i tried buying off of OVH but i got tired as they kept asking for identity proof
    even tho i mailed my ID and Address so i told them to cancel after 3rd day of waiting

    2 Questions

    1. Is there Dedicated servers out there fully setup ready to go on purchase?, if so who.

    2. Need help getting a server for 100-150 with 40 plugins no Lag, currently looking at this
    plan but idk -

    Im just looking for a Dedicated server that can host this

    50-150 players
    40-50 plugins
    1 Server
    Budget $30-$80
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  2. OVH is very good odd u had ptobleu
  3. still need help with this, thanks
  4. Psychz-Jimmy


    I think OVH/SYS are the only places with that budget.
  5. Agreed
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  6. DigitalOcean is horribly overpriced. The only reason to use them is if you happen to get a few coupon codes. Even then, its a very bad idea to host a whole network with them
  7. who fooled you? Ovh is quite shit, but for those are a low budget, i guess its suitable
  8. RSNET-Radic


    Thanks for considering our servers. The link you provided is just to the cart, no one can actually see your cart.

    Look into getting either the Intel Core i5 4570 or Intel Xeon E3 1230 V3 with 16 GB of RAM and a SSD. Both should be well within your budget using the Spigot20 coupon code. You may have to do some optimization though to get that sort of player count on a single server.
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  9. Overprice? Are you sure they are overprice? Do you have other alternatives?
  10. OVH is really cheap. There are plenty of places you can get a 1 GB RAM VPS for >$10.
  11. No... If I can choose, I wont go with OVH. They are cheap but I see many negative reviews about their hosting services. It makes me scare
  12. $10/mo for a 1GB VPS is still pretty expensive.
  13. 32 GB server, always online, 100GB backup storage space. Only 43$.
    'Shit' you say?

    Their support might be bad. But if you don't run into problems, there is no need.
  14. If you want to "rush" the support, call them. I did it and they fixed it in a matter of minutes.
  15. Agreed, derkables... xD

    (Inside joke)
  16. For linux, it seems DO is good option. I wont recommend OVH. Read so many negative reviews about them on forums