Need help please :P

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  1. Im making way too many threads but i really need to fix this one asap!!!

    I got EssentialsX and Worldguard, i made a shop region.. ops can use the shop normally and all

    but normal players cant.. anyone knows how to fix this
  2. What shop plugin are you using? It may be a permission-related problem.
  3. Im using essentialsx's signs as stated
  4. in the defined region set interact to allow /rg flag <region> interact allow
  5. did that.. and still nothing works
  6. they also cant use commands even tho allowed-cmds is allowed
  7. Make sure your players have acces to the permission.
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  8. i added the perm and they still cant sell/buy
  9. Yup once you allow interaction in the region and have proper permissions


    Everything should work
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  10. yea that worked! thanks, what about the commands?
  11. I assume you mean /sell you can find the permission nodes here but to be able to /sell the node is just essentials.sell
  12. no like /spawn is not allowed in the area or like /is or any other command and for me as a op it does work
  13. you need to remove the flag allowed-cmds, if this is set without any commands it acts as a whitelist and will only allow commands you list. just type /rg flag <region> allowed-cmds that should remove it
  14. how do i disable the allow/disallow function completly? i just want all the commadns to be allowed. do i use the * sign?
  15. Just do what I already stated, since you set the flag allowed-cmds it is the one blocking the commands, so just remove that flag. Then all commands (that the player has perms for) should work in that region.