Need help to display 2 prefixes

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by bernadd, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. Hello, I need help.
    I'm creating a prison server and I've been stuck on a problem.
    In my server I want to have two prefixes. The first what rankup you are in and the second what rank you are in.
    Example: [A] [Mod] Name
    I'm using permissionsex for ranks, essentialsX for chat and ezrankspro for rankup.
    When I try to add two ranks to me it only displays one prefix.
    I know that it is a way to use an ezrankspro placeholder in the essentialsX config to display a second prefix.
    Does anyone know what placeholder I need to ezrankspro to display the rankup prefix?
    Is there another way to solve this problem?
  2. I am pretty sure you can't add 2 prefixes in PEX or in any other permission plugin.
    What I did for prison is basically I made the rank up a prefix, and the legit rank (Owner, Moderator, Helper and so on) the suffix.

    Invadedlands (I named this account when I watched skep) uses some type of permission plugin that lets u do that but they keep their plugin private. Maybe if you msg tehneon on mcmarket u could buy it for a very expensive price. But not 100% sure about that one
  3. Thanks! But is there away to change were the suffix is?
    Right now it's: [Prefix] [Username] [Suffix]
    Does anyone know how to change it to: [Prefix] [Suffix] [Username]
  4. I don't remember how.
    I will try and check it out for you but I will do it tmr I'm kinda busy sorry :/