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  1. Hello ! I created a skript that allows the rankup players with the command: / rank
    Currently there is multiple rank
    I would like to add the following: if the player has with his rank the permission for example: rang.ecuyer he can then click on "squire" on the / rank.
    And that for all the rest so once past squire the player gets the rank.chevalier permissions, so he can pass knight
    Because at the moment they can pass from commoner to king without passing by the rest what is annoying. I really need help, here is the script
  2. 1. use list variables (example: {rang::%player%::duc})
    2. try setting a variable to the permission, so if the player joins for the first time, they get the default rank, if he upgrades his rank, set a variable to "nextrank", and if they want to rankup test if their rank is "nextrank"
    if you're using pex, try adding console commands like
    Code (Text):
    execute console command "pex user %player% add"
    Code (Text):
    on first join:
        set {rang::%player%} to "Rang-1"

    command rank:
            if {rang::%player%} = "Rang-1":
                 # upgrade to rang-2
            else if {rang::%player%} = "Rang-2":
                 # upgrade to rang 3
            # etc.
  3. We use luck perms. I confess I do not use skript at all, I'm a developer but absolutely no script, I used a script from a former server developer, I reworked it following our new additions, so I really need that you explain to me point by point what I must do, or and how if it does not bother you, it will help me enormously.
    thanks in advance
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  4. SO.... just to double check, when you said:
    "Hello ! I created a skript that allows the rankup players with the command: / rank"
    You ACTUALLY meant:
    "Hello! I have SOMEONE ELSE's 600+ line Skript, and I have no idea how to change it, so could you change it for me?"?
    I just want to clarify
  5. No I did not express myself, this part is made by him and the bottom part by me, I do not know how to modify this part in question, all that I try does not seem to work.
    It's not the "someone else's" script but someone from my server. He is no longer active I appeal to you, nothing prevents that you commented that to make the interesting, you bring no solution to my proleme