Solved Need help warping to a new world

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  1. So I created a new world in my server but I need to know how to warp to that world. Thanks (BTW the world is called 'PvP')
  2. If you are using Multiverse: /mvtp PvP
    You can also use Essentials: /world PvP
  3. Use the answer above but if you mean let other players warp to that world use /setwarp PvP using Essentials and players can warp to it with /warp PvP
  4. So I tried doing /world PvP and it didn't work, and yes I have the latest version of Essentials installed.
  5. So try using multiverse
  6. Btw, did you use multiverse to create this world, or did you drag a world folder into the server files. If that is the case, you need to import the world into the server. (In case this is the scenario)
  7. I did drag the folder in to the server files. How do I import it to the server? Since it's a special world I need (I can't have the default world)
  8. Install multiverse core and do /mv import PvP
    after than, you can teleport to it with /mv tp PvP
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  9. Will try it thanks! :D