Need help with 1.8 essentials/groupmanager

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Tuxyjumper1, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. When I download the essentials, it comes up with the files looking like this:

    So I put those in my plugins folders, but the essentials do not work. The same things happens for groupmanager. The internet type file looks weird, am I suppose to convert it to something? Sorry I just do not know how to figure this out. I have no issues with essentials/groupmanager on 1.7.10 bukkit, but I really want to have a 1.8 spigot server!
    Please help. Thank you!
  2. Plugin may not be compatible?
  3. What..?
  4. I Tried that!

    Is their a specific one im suppose to click to download?
  5. Download this one: [​IMG]
    If that picture does not work, Use this link:
    When you do this make sure you are using the latest version of Spigot and you delete all the other essentials.jars from your ftp.
  6. In particular, you can find the plugins updated by us here: Please ensure that if you run these versions, don’t complain to the developers about any breakages. We will be opening pull requests to the listed plugins as soon as possible.

    From MD_5's Post....