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  1. 1 Alright so i wanna disable /fly in the world END and the world NETHER, but not for the main world. how do i do this? 2 there was a faction with 2 people in it, and a sort of NPC character with all different kind of numbers,letters just was randomly in the faction when u view the faction info, like "aa-3485-mfokg-49ufj- " For example, i dont know what the fuck that is?. And 3 sugar can grows too slow, how can i change this? :D thanks for all
  2. This is the factions problem

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  3. For the possible NPC in your faction I would contact the developer. As for /fly it depends on what perms manager you're using. With PEX you can just lookup per world perms. You would essentially do under the perms world: and then on a new line put your perms. Sugar Cane I think I saw someone asking about that before and am not sure how to fix it.
  4. Thanks for ur response, very kind of you. Im using pex. But can you explain me exactly what you mean? Im not sure
  5. It would look something like the following:
    default: false
    - global.permissions
    - normal overworld permissions go here
    - some_group_inheritance_if_desired
  6. Yo
    But that will allow them to fly there, i want to disable it
  7. Sry I read it backwords, just allow it in world and dont have it in the other two
  8. But how do i need to fill it in exactly, because its not all straight under each other.
  9. Try this plugin to disable fly in certain worlds.

    For sugarcane, try this.
  10. I wasn't going to say a plugin simply because with pex all he needs to do is per world permissions :confused:. Thought giving him the literal config of it would help but clearly not. All you need to do is take what I pasted and put that in your rank. Each section is a world. In world you would have under permissions:... this enables /fly for that group in the world named world. For world_nether: leave it blank or do - Adding the extra - will be a negative perm meaning it takes the perm away. If youre using multiverse and have a world named say spawn. All you have to do is under each group add
    - essentials.warp
    The essentials.warp will be in every world meaning nether, end, and overworld. under the category spawn: permissions: means they can fly in the overworld. Since its only in that specific world named "spawn" permissions for that group it doesn't give them access to fly anywhere but the world named spawn
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  11. .
    but im not using multiverse.
  12. the "NPC" isn't one, the thing that is showing is the player UUID, it does that sometimes when for example, the player didn't join the server but you synced your factions database with MySQL and the player joined the faction from another server but didn't connect on this one or when the player wasn't online for too long
  13. Sorry to say, but your kinda bad at explaining. i understand what you're saying but the half information isnt there. Its not like what your saying.
  14. Per world permission only deny the use of the command. If the player has fly mode enabled and goes through the portal he will still be on fly mode
  15. I searched up the random letters and it seemed to point back to a UUID attached to the player
    aufsteigen which is already inside under "Followers Offline", so it may be something on the plugin's fault. Contacting the developer is the best way to solve.

  17. From what I know it auto disables it, and if he wants to disable it he can install flight control and turn it off. Also if im really that bad at explaining it, google it. There are tens of forum threads and plugins and pex literally has several support pages, one of them being per world permissions.
  18. I dont use MySQL