Solved Need help with an exploit for Stats 3 and AutoRank

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  1. A few days ago I posted about how my server has a loophole in the AutoRank system. One of the requirements to rank up is to mine a certain amount of diamond ore along with some other types of blocks. Well the issue is that players can use silktouch to break a block and replace it over and over to make it seem like they have mined the required amount of ore. Is there any way to stop this? Stats 3 is what actually counts the blocks broken and AutoRank uses it.

    FIX: @WesJD made a plugin to solve this problem! Thank him. HERE is the download for it. It basically won't count any of the ore towards the required amount that was mined with silktouch. Works perfect.

    Plugins Being Used:
    Stats 3:
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  2. Have you tried contacting the plugin dev?
  3. There isn't a way for you to change how their plugin works. Best way is to contact the developer or if you're a programmer write your own, it's good experience and isn't too difficult.
  4. Which dev should I try contacting. Stats 3 is what counts the blocks broken, but autorank is using stats 3 to rank the player up.
  5. Stats 3
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  6. You could prevent players from placing those ores?
  7. So do you not want it to count as broken if they're using silk touch? Stats 3 has an API and I could write a plugin really quickly to fix this.
  8. exactly, that would be awesome
  9. Or just check if it's a user placed block? Like, set the ore durability/data (id:durability/data) to some random number(20 for example) and it's that number, don't count?
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  10. I would suggest disallowing any building inside the mining area.
    That to me is the simplest solution.