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  1. Hello my network recently took the bleeding edge and we are now on 1.12. We just started not that long ago and we are using a simple perm system named BungeePerms. We released a few days ago that the prefixes wont show up at all. We have tried Chattty but that is really outdated and we don't want users to be able to see the chat from other gamemodes. We want a easy free plugin that is compatible with BungeePerms. Please help us and thanks.
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  2. BGHDDevelopment


    Bungeecord perms are not connected to normal spigot perms
    To make prefixes show up you need a chat plugin that supports prefixes and a permission plugin on each server you are using and set tags thru the
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  3. I kinda understand what you are saying but I have EssentialsChat on each server. It still wont show them. Also if it doesn't work with EssentialsChat can you please give me some free plugins that you know work?
  4. bump. I really still need help!