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  1. Hello,

    I am planning on using Bungeecord for my server, I like to connect 3 server to it, survival, the hub and factions.
    I currently hired a 16GB dedicated server, and I know how to setup the proxy.
    How much ram do you guys think I need to use for the proxy, and the servers themselves?

    I used Bungeecord in the past, but it crashes alot because of lack of memory in either the proxy or in one of the servers.
    I don't use any insanely heavy plugins except McMMO.
    Is there any minimum you would advise for the proxy server?


    I setup all of the server with this layout for now;
    Proxy - 3GB
    Hub - 3GB ( 50 Players )
    Survival - 6 GB ( 50 players )
    Factions - 4 GB ( 40 players )

    The server crashed like 3-4 times already after an uptime of around 1 hour or so, has this to do anything with this layout, or is it because of plugins maybe?
  2. What about your overhead for the OS? If you use all your memory for the servers, and they are taken it, there none left of for the underlying OS.
  3. I always keep 1GB spare for that, however I don't think OS is causing the crashes
  4. If you give us the stack trace of when it crashes, we can help you more! D:
  5. That's the thing, the crashes come out of nowhere, and whenever it does crash the whole panel goes down, and has to be manually restarted by my provider.
    Whenever it's backup the crashlogs are gone, and the crashlogs in the .log files don't help much either.
    Is it possible that I setup the bungeecord server wrong?, because I am using Bungeecord as a proxy server to connect the rest together.
  6. joehot200


    What happened to the crash reports folder then?

    You can make as many valid or non-valid explanations as you want, but the fact is, we will be unable to help you without a stack trace :/
  7. There is no Crash report folder in any of the servers this happens on, my providers told me that something is 'overheating' the I/O of the HDD, which ends up in totally crashing the server without making any backups/crash reports at all.
  8. joehot200


    Overheating the HHD? o_O
    Could that be a cooling problem with your provider?

    Only thing i can think of is to stop loading so many chunks, or make a small world border, so the HHD has less things to save.

    Do you have any AutoSaving plugins? If you do, try taking them out, and try using save-off (wont save your world in the case of a crash, but if its the cause that wont matter).