Need help with essentials

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  1. Me & my friend are working on a server we set up the ranks and everything but when we have players joining (Members) none of the essentials commands work but other commands work. Here's the Member lay out
  2. I don't how to fix this, but it happened multiple times to me where Essentials just seem to "switch off" and I don't have permissions to any of Essentials' commands. Anyone knows how to solve this issue? I got around it by adding the same permission node (essentials.*) to my user permissions, group permissions, removed them and did it again until it worked.
  3. Alright thanks, might give this a shot.. Thanks for commenting again :p
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  4. Are they not working for everyone, or are they just not working for the players? Also can you send a list of your plugins and tell me if there are any errors in console, or if players get errors. Thanks!
  5. It works for everyone else.. It's just Member.. It doesn't work
  6. can you upload your latest.log (in a folder called "logs")
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