Need help with GoLang!

Discussion in 'Programming' started by turtl, May 20, 2015.

  1. So, I want to run @Thinkofdeath 's Steven client but I have no experience with go. I've installed GO from the website, now what do I need to do?
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    It isn't like java, you don't need Go installed to run steven.

    If you have windows (32bit or 64bit) or linux (64bit only) you can just download the latest build from here from the Artifacts column click View. There will be 3 zip files to choose from:
    • for 64 bit windows
    • for 32 bit windows
    • for 64 bit linux
    Select the right one for your system and download it, unpack the steven.exe (or just steven on linux) into its own folder somewhere and run it (double click).

    If you use Mac or feel like building it yourself thats a bit harder, you'll need Go installed and gcc (from mingw on windows) and then follow the instructions in the readme on github
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  3. #realmenuseclang
  4. Thank you so much dude! :)