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  1. Hello everybody im working on a Gui Shop plugin so when a player executes the command to create a shop then they can just do /shop open and they also can /shop add <slot> <price> and add items but the problem is i save all that data to a file like this

    Code (Text):
        uuid: ba5c164b-3bd8-39f3-bb07-b57ee37687e8
        name: Tester123
            material: STONE
            amount: 16
            slot: 1
            price: 100
    and then i load that onEnable but when i create a gui without a inventory holder then all players shares the same inventory when some1 adds an item it also adds to the other shops so i want to give it a Player im trying to get the player from uuid / name but because of they are not online i cant

    i thought of using OfflinePlayer and check if they are online with runnable but that doesnt work also because someone else might want to check out that players shop

    please help
  2. cant you just install a shop gui it takes 10 seconds?
  3. I would think the OP would want to do this themself instead of installing a public plugin. I sure wouldn't like to install anything if I were them.
  4. LOL ... you did it again! ... dude, your answers are so way off !!!
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