Solved Need help with GUIShop and HeavySpleef

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  1. 1) So my main concern right now is GUIShop

    The issue being when I try to run the /shop or /buy command it throws that error and nothing happens in game.

    I am currently running Catserver 51d82d9 and prettymuch everything else works great.

    Plugin list:

    Mod list:

    2) I also want to use the HeavySpleef pluggin but id like to be able to run Anvil Spleef (addon: ) in a multifloor singleplayer mode and have the ability to reward points or money depending on how long you last. There was a Minecraft map done by Mrhuma that pretty much incorporates what id like to do with HeavySpleef.

    Any help with this issue would be much appreciated.
  2. Are you able to give me a seperate pastebin of each of your configs? Also, have you tried contacting them directly? They have a support discord:
  3. I did and have been ignored 2x and all of my files are unmodified currently
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  4. If you havent touched the configs, that means you have an unsupported plugin. This could mean the download was wrong and you have to get a version specific one, or you have a clashing plugin. Not sure what plugins you have, even if you send them in not going to go through and find which one would be stopping it from loading, but one might be stopping it from loading. It could even be that the plugin isnt supported by the server version youre using. Not as in the version like 1.8 or 1.12 or whatever but like Bukkit, Spigot, or whatever youre using,