Need help with Multiverse Survival World

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  1. Hello
    I own a Minecraft server and have setup a hub and other worlds, however i'm having a bit of trouble with the survival world. I have a portal to the survival world hub (separate world to Survival) inside are signs that randomly teleport you across the Survival world, Players will build houses etc but when they leave and come back, they're randomTP'd again, is there a way to remember their location so when they join it'll keep thier provious location but if they're new it'll randomly tp them?

    I'm using Multiverse and RandomTeleport. Survival HUB and Survival are two different worlds

    So, i want new players to join, go to survival hub, press sign or enter portal, get randomly TPd across the Survival World, build a bit, then when they leave, it remembers their location so when they enter the survival hub and click on the sign or enter the portal they'll end up back at their house/last location.

    Please help me, it's driving me mad lol
  2. Hey,
    Where the new players joins or rather said in which world you can adjust in the Config.
    To change the spawn of a map use / mvsetspawn

    I hope it helped you at least a little.
    Otherwise, please try to describe more precisely what your concern is
  3. The end result i want is a survival world (which is it's own section on the server) where the player's location will be remembered for next time they join the survival world, but otherwise, if it's a new player then they spawn in the survival world in a random location. Example: If bob was a new player, just joined and he went into the survival world, then he'd spawn in a random location, then after he's built for a bit, he has to go for dinner, and logs off, when he rejoins, and enter's the survival world, he'll spawn back in the same place he left rather than a random tp. That is my end goal.
  4. You might need some custom plugin work done for this.
  5. Is there a way for Multiverse to remember the player's previous location? so when they go through the portal they spawn where they left the world before?