Solved Need Help With My Server Keep's Stopping Itself.

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  1. Need Help With My Server Keep's Stopping Itself.

    Whenever I start up my server this keeps on happing,
    Here is my server log:
    Click Here For The Server Log

    Server Version: Paper Spigot (1.8.8)

    Server RAM: 4096MB
    Custom JAR File (Java 8)
    Total Plugins: 59 | 56 Actived

    If you have any questions post it below I'll respond within 8 hours.

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  2. By the number of plugins, it's trying to load you might be running out of RAM.
  3. I have updated it... I have 4MB of RAM and we have 59 plugins... 56 are active right now.

    I forgot to say we were fine before then one day it stops working.
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  4. Hopefully you have more than 4 MB. Can you confirm with resource monitors etc. that it's not capping the RAM limit?
  5. He updated the first post for us. "Server RAM: 4096MB"
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    Try running the region fixer to make sure there are no corrupt chunks and try unloading plugins until it stays up, then you will know the culprit. It should not be because of the ram, 4gb is more than enough for 56 plugins.
  7. No.
  8. I will try this and ill get back to you.
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    Try it without the plugin that the server stops running while in the middle of enabling it...
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    The log shows the loading stops at Featherboard. You are not listed in the dev's buyer check page, which means you are using a stolen copy of Featherboard. Maximvdw deserves to get paid for his hard work so you need to go purchase the plugin. If you keep trying to use it, the anti piracy measures kick in and your server will be deleted, the FBI notified and a geotrace ran on your IP to find your address, which is then emailed to a mailing list of various assassin groups. The first group that can prove they completed the contract gets free copies of Featherboard, so they are motivated. Be scared. Be very scared.
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  11. Wait... If you’ve stolen that plugin then I don’t think we can help you. Come back when you’re not stealing from developers.
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  14. Oh boy! When the owner of FeatherBoard joins a thread where someone has stolen his plugin lol.
  15. It bugs me that that gif doesn't loop better... Anyway you should put a message in there before the server stop that says as much. It could be a simple config mistake. Probably not in this case, but you know what I mean.
  16. I'm Sorry i did get the plugin for free I wanted to use it because its a one of kind plugin and it go's with my server. It fixed when I deleted it. :( Sorry Maximvdw...

    Thanks everyone who helped.

    I'll have to make a new scoreboard plugin because I already tested 4 plugin but none of them work Like I want them too.
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