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  1. I want to start a minecraft server again, but i want to start using ovh/vps now. I dont know how to set it up, or any knowledge. Can someone help me setting the ovh up? :) Java, os the server etc?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Have you used Google yet to search for these queries?
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  3. You can hire a System Administrator, to do all of that for you.
  4. have you already asked his budget before elaborating things like this ?
  5. No, I have not I was just stating a possibility for him. If he doesn't have the budget, then obviously he can't, I didn't say that he has to buy it.
  6. Yeah just telling you to be aware of or else suggested things would be nonsense.
  7. Don't worry, we're being more of a nonsense for OP by typing this to oneanother, than I was by typing that..
  8. You'll need an ID for ovh too I think
  9. I mean, money is no problem. I just want to start a vanilla server. Nothing too big.
  10. I can help you, add me on skype: aquazus
  11. You mean for free?
  12. Yes
  13. First i have Some questions:

    What hosting company should i use, and how much GB would i need for just a vanilla server. How much would it be each month?
  14. We can discuss that on skype
  15. So you don't screw up your live system, install CentOS or whatever distro you use in a VMWare Player box or VirtualBox on your computer to play around with it.
  16. I always used Debian, without any problem. Don't install any strange linux build, just use Debian. It's complete and has a low ram/cpu usage. For a pure Vanilla server with 50 players I reccomend you 2GB.
  17. So i added that guy on skype, but he isnt responding. Anyone willing to help me setting up the VPS? Setting up Java,OS,Server stuff etc? Would be appreciated. :) If not, ill just use a shared-hosting i guess.. :p
  18. Shared hosting is your best bet unless you're willing to put more than a little bit of time learning your way around a linux terminal.