Solved Need help with p.setBanned(true);

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  1. For some reason, p.setBanned(true); has a strikethrough in setBanned, can someone help me with this? I have no idea why it's there.

    (Going to put how I fixed it soon :3
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  2. Add a deprecation statement
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  3. Thank you
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  4. use:

    Code (Java):
    BanList.addBan(String target, String reason, Date duration, String source);
    and to unban

    Code (Java):
    BanList.pardon(String target);
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  5. Hey guys, I am a little bit confused here, alright so is there a way I can add the reason when a player types it? I could probably figure this out, I just would like to know if that's possible or not,

    Question 2:What do I put for String source

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