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  1. I am trying to spawn a straight line of particles, but for some reason they just shoot all over the place instead of just being a single particle in the correct place...
    here is whats happening: [​IMG]

    Code (Text):
            Location loc = player.getEyeLocation();
            World world = player.getWorld();
            double maxLength = 8;
            for(double d = 0; d <= maxLength; d += 0.1)
                world.playEffect(loc, Effect.DRAGON_BREATH, 1);
    Edit: I am trying to get them to play in a straight line between location 1 and location 2 (not the above code).
  3. Code (Text):
        public static void shootBeam(Location fromLocation, Location toLocation) {
            try {
                if (fromLocation != null) {
                    Vector from = fromLocation.toVector(), to = toLocation.toVector();
                    if (from.getX() != to.getX() || from.getY() != to.getY() || from.getZ() != to.getZ()) {
                        Vector direction = to.subtract(from).normalize();
                        while (from.distanceSquared(to) > 1F) {
                            fromLocation.getWorld().spawnParticle(Particle.DRAGON_BREATH, from.toLocation(fromLocation.getWorld()), 0);
            } catch (Exception ex) {
    This uhhhh crashed the whole server
  4. Just Use World#spawnParticle. The problem with some particles is that certain values have different meanings, depending on the arguments passed. For example, a fire-particle can move along a certain curve if you set the amount to 0 (not sure if it‘s actually the amount or some other field). If you simply want to display a beam, just use the Method that takes the location as x, y and z coordinates and the amount (and the particle, of course)
  5. Dude you legit copy pasted the code I sent you. Read the whole insert you need to get out of rust loop if your goal is reached
  6. Actually got ahold of @finnbon the particle god and he walked me through it.