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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Bradshaw, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Hello, I need help with PermissionsEx. Every time I upload this permissions.yml and then proceed to reload the plugin or restart the server, PermissionsEx gets disabled. I have used a YML verifier to confirm that the syntax is correct, but still, I have the problem. Thank you in advance.

  2. Are you getting any errors in your server console, it may tell you where the problem is located in the file.
  3. PermissionsEx is outdated and unsupported. Try LuckPerms
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  4. Hey Bradshaw,
    I had a look over your file and there were a few things I noticed so I took the liberty of fixing it up for you.
    Try this and see if it loads better now

  5. Will probably also not work, when using special chars (like *) you have to use ‘’. So - WorldEdit.* has to be - ‘WorldEdit.*’
  6. @Imortalshard I will look in the console for any errors and thank you for the other replies I will look into these solutions.
  7. @Zonemann Thank you! My PermissionsEx plugin is staying enabled through multiple reloads and restarts, I didn't see any major changes, can you please tell me the changes you made for if I have more problems in the future.
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    I agree with NormaalBart, I'd move to LP. If you really want PEX, at least use Aeternum's version. It makes it so you don't need to dick with the YAML file to make changes so you can't screw it up.
  9. @Bradshaw the 2 main things were the rank was missing and you didn’t have the 2nd bottom line, Schema-version
    Glad I could help. All the best mate