need help with pex

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by _GalaxyPanda, May 2, 2017.

  1. I need help with pex on my server
    i need to do ranks and i dont know how to
    dont know how to add perms of what i perm i need
  2. Are u a spigot staff membe??

  3. so hmu lol when you can i can do all ranks and permissons including any special plugins u have but im not doing it for free and payment would be required before i start.
  4. No im not im a regular guy ive owned a couple server before and i know how hard it is lol so i can help you
  5. Do u know the essentials for /block or do u know the plugins for it
  6. im afriad i dont know what u mean by essentials for /block
  7. Like are u able to list me the essentials of:
  8. Its to hard to understand i know
  9. Like some server have thos shortcuts or its maybe costom or something idk
  10. im sure i can figure it out its prob just hard to see lol
  11. Like do u know mineheroes they got thoes commands for there ranks
  12. Go on mineheroes and chexk there commands pn there ranks
  13. Do u see what i mean
  14. Don't pay anyone to do it, as it is very easy to understand once you read through the PEX Documentation located here - . Alternatively you can pay someone else to do it but I feel as though there is no point in running a server if you are unable to manage permissions as you will need to edit and change these in the future.
  15. Wow this thread was painful to read... _GalaxyPanda don't pay people before the work is done especially avatarless people who give their paypal right away without even asking what is it you need exactly. Also people will offer to help 'for free' but will require access to your server. Don't do it. The only way people should be helping you at this time is by explaining things to you.
  16. thanks everyone for helping me