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  1. Hi Guys,

    Im trying to set up anti-advertising on PwnFilter but completely dont know where to start, if any one could help me i would be grateful. Thanks
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    I made a chat filtering plugin a while back with support for things like anti-advertising, except that it comes pre-configured to block everything. So there's nothing to set up, it's just drag-and-drop. That said, there are a few good examples of how to use PwnFilter on this page:

    If you are interested in my plugin, here's the link:

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  3. With PwnFilter you can use EpicATrain's filter, it includes anti advertising

    Paste it in PwnFilter\rules\chat.txt

    EpicATrain's filter might have some unwanted features...
    By going through the filter and checking things it should be pretty simple to understand.
    If you want to disable a part of it just put a # infront of the action.
  4. and do i need to change anything in the configuration?
  5. Well, not really, but you might need to change some things in chat.txt
    EpicATrain put some weird stuff in there.
  6. what wierd stuff?

    All i want is the advertising bit
  7. Oh! Give me a minute, ill make it for you...
  8. Thanks so much.
  9. Here you go, this is the paste:
    Paste that into your chat.txt
    Location: PwnFilter\rules\chat.txt

    This should include anti-advertising... Try it out.
  10. Thanks so much :) Ill test in within the next hour.