Need help with redisbungee

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  1. I need help with redisbungee.

    Basiccaly i want, 1 bungeecord with gamemodes like SkyBlock, Survival,Factions (purpur)
    and then another bungeecord instance, with a MiniGames lobby(purpur), and under there 2 other bungeecord instances, one with SurvivalGames(with a lobby 1, and game servers) and Arcade minigames (With a lobby, and gameservers )

    i read online that if i want to achieve this, i have to use RedisBungee? I have succesfully setup redis & both instances are recognized, but now i am kinda stuck... could somebody perhaps help me out?

    IF what i want is not possible, what is the closest possible setup i could use? i currently use 1 bungeecord instance with multiverse on some servers to achieve the lobby/gameservers idea
  2. I feel like redis bungee is a bit overkill for your needs. The main question to ask yourself is: "How many players will be connected on your server simultaneously?"
    If it's below 100, multiple bungee servers won't bring any benefits since BC can handle such a low player number without any problems.
    If thats the case all you need to do is add all your servers to your single BC server.

    What do you use multiverse for?
  3. Thank you for your anwser, the current can handle the ammount of players, its just that i want to be "future-proof"

    In my current setup i use Multiverse to create a "Lobby World", and then for the different minigames we use different worlds (this is all on the minigames server), i want to switch this from using MultiVerse, to an setup where the "Lobby World" is its own server, and the minigame worlds are also its own servers
  4. Sure man, go ahead with "You don't need one more bungeecord instance"

    Simple, just create multiple bungeecords with the same configuration except the IP of server called "lobby".
    In bungeecord 1 "lobby" will be the lobby server that can send you to SkyBlock, Survival, Factions ... etc.
    In bungeecord 2 "lobby" will be the arcade lobby.
  5. i tried this, but then when i did /server Minigames (IP Of bungeecord) (And on bungee2 forced host was lobby(arcade)) Nothing happened, i did not get an error, but my request also didn't show up on bungee/server.

    Could i perhaps PM you? i'll recreate the setup and perhaps you can look with me where i made the mistake??