Need Help with scoreboard Factionsuuid

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  1. Is it possible to create a scoreboard like Cosmicpvp's with this plugin? If not, what plugin allows me to do this?



    Green shows online players, red is offline.​
  2. There was a plugin like this called Maxus Scoreboard if I recall it correctly. I don't know what happened to it though.
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  3. I know, I have it, I just don't know how to make the scoreboard to it.
    Same, I clicked the link and it said error...
  4. By the looks of the variables of FactionsUUID in the config, it looks impossible at least to my concern
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  5. idk maybe its custom coded with the api
  6. I know it's custom coded, however I have heard of other plugins that do similar tasks.
  7. I got too factionsuuid but it dont work d:
  8. What do you mean it doesn't work?
  9. There are some small things people get wrong:
    1. To change any config files you HAVE to restart the server not just /reload
    2. To get the scoreboard you can't just load up the plugin and do /f sb, you have to enable it in the config.
    3. You don't need MCore or normal factions
  10. Then it will works like cosmicpvp? and on the screen?
  11. If you configure it right you can make it like Cosmic's one
  12. Ok but can u please ADD me your skype ? Skype : ahmed.kamalothman
    If u dont want no problem.
  13. Imma leave you to do the rest yourself, im too busy
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  14. did u fix it?
  15. You cannot make it like cosmics because they have a list of people online and thier power, I could help you, for the players in the code you gotta loop through every player online (this bit must update) and in the for loop add player rank, title, name, then power as the score etc.
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  16. How do you enable the scoreboard
  17. Enable? Do player.setScoreboard(scoreboard)?