Need help with Spigot Platform (Restarting Scripts / GUI's)

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by VideoklipBG, Apr 24, 2017.

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  1. Hello!

    I'm 'developing' (Trying, configuring plugins / editting files, ect.) Spigot Server for Factions, MiniGames, ect.

    My problem / question is:

    Like all you know (I think) there is option to Auto - Restart Spigot with '' / 'start.bat' or 'start.cmd', ect Script.

    It works if added startup parameters (Like -Xmx, -Xms, arguments and more) to that script and run it from Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe) or via other OS like Linux, ect.

    But if using some sort of Server Wrapper / GUI / Dashboard / Program for running tasks, console, configurations easy and with online web access (Via web interface) I cannot figure out how to do the Auto Restarting thing without the Server to automaticly open Command Prompt (cmd) script and start from there.

    Sorry if I cannot explain this properly.. :D I mean to Auto - Restart Server or / and on Crash via this 'Interface' / GUI or some sort of Program / Software like this. (From it. From it's console, interface and controlling dashboard.) Not from Script outside (Like cmd in windows).

    This is the same I think like Online Server Hosting website. (Like the most famous one, Creeper Hosting, MC Pro Hosting, ect.)

    I am not used them and don't know how exactly works every Hosting's Interface and these things.

    I know very well Multicraft Panel (Which is very famous too), but in there too I don't know how exactly to do the restarting thing without the Script.

    I've tried to use plugins like Auto Save, Auto Restart, Backup ect. but if I don't want to use any plugins? Because if I make the Server Vanilla (But Spigot Platform for more tweaks, performance and optimizations) without using any plugins - There is the problem.

    This was the 'first' thing I wanted to ask, but there is another little problem that I don't know exactly:

    If using the same thing with Online Server Hosting Services in almost every site / hosting I don't see way to launch withh Custom Java / Server Startup Arguments? Like "-XX:+DisableExplicitGC / -XX:+UseG1GC" (I am not using exactly these, just for Example).

    There must be option even to make Server Startup Parameters like to run command on Server Start, not schedule to auto backup, auto save, restart, ect.

    And if you are interested which GUI / Software / Server Wrapper I like and use almost always - These are my favorite:

    1. BukkitGUI

    2. MC Server GUI

    And 3. Minecraft Server Dashboard

    * Using PaperSpigot platform / version of Spigot, which is more optimized I think;

    Sorry for my bad English, I don't know it well.. So.. yeah :D
  2. BananaPuncher714


    Do you mean that you're wondering if it's possible to re-start the server if it crashes from within a plugin?
    Or are you asking how to use a GUI to restart the server?
  3. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    your server wrapper needs to support the ability to restart, otherwise you're SOL unless you modify the software and add the feature yourself. the launcher itself needs to handle the restart, letting the server call the script doesn't allow the launcher to hook the process as it needs to do in order to function.
    Multicraft lets you do this, however this is generally on the host in order to enable or something, you'll not be able to set that option unless they let you see that option/don't have an ancient version of the software on their services.

    For custom java flags, no host lets you tune these for various reasons, you might be able to drop them a ticket, but doubt they'd really be willing to change stuff like that for you.
  4. Oh, yeah.. I understand.

    There's no way to do 'hooking up' the Server Java process to some sort of GUI / Hosting Service Console - Interface with script..
    I have no problems with hosting service, neither with GUI Launcher Software for Restarting function but just wanted to know if it's possible.

    Unless the Server process is hosted by Command Prompt (cmd) there's no way to do this with starting script.

    Or with Plugin - To detect crash / stop and auto - restart the server or the launcher / GUI itself to have in build that function.

    Thank you anyway for the response, have a nice day!
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