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  1. Hello, I've been trying to spawn an arrow in the world and let the arrow follow me. I've got the spawning part but I can't seem to get the velocity to work. This is my current code, the Vector vec is the one I found on google but that shoots my arrow around 1K block away.

    Code (Java):
    final Arrow arrow = towerLoc.getWorld().spawn(arrowSpawn.clone().add(0, 3, 0), Arrow.class);
    //final Vector vec = arrowSpawn.toVector().subtract(target.getLocation().toVector().multiply(-3));
  2. In order to make the arrow follow you, you'll need to update the Arrow's velocity as you move / every tick (I think every tick might be better)
    Suppose you are at Point A and the Arrow is at point B. You can get the Vector pointing from Point A to point B by simply subtracting A-B. Then, you'd normalize the resulting vector and multiply it with a constant in order to get your desired goal velocity. You need to do the subtraction - normalization - multiplication process each tick, until the arrow has (for example) hit the target
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  3. Thanks a lot, never tried to normalize the velocity vector