1.12.2 Need help with those Particles :=

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  1. Hello,

    Im currently trying to make a custom enchant and i want to spawn in those white particles you can see in this video:

    does anyone have any idea on how you could spawn in such particles? (code examples are always welcome)
  2. Isn't it the Firework_Spark ?
  3. yea thats some kind of mix of Firework_Spark and crit particles, but if i spawn in Firework_Spark particles they`re just going everywhere and it really doesnt look similar to this. Since im not really familiar with how to modify particles to do what you want i created this thread lol
  4. There are multiple double or float parameter for this method. One of them defining the speed of the particle. Set it to zero to fix your issue.
  5. Haha, alright uhm yea could you give me some kind of code example for this if possible?
  6. spawnParticle
    the offSet x/y/z should be set to zero and the count to one or zero.

    I didn't use this for 2 years. Updated a plugin some month ago and replaced the calls with the advanced API extension a fork of spigot provides.
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  7. I`ve actually tried this already, it pretty much does the same thing