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  1. Hello All,
    I want a certain rank to be able to execute /fly in a certain region (spawn) but no.
    I'll give you an example:
    • I would like VIP's to have the ability to execute /fly at spawn but not in warzone.
    • But I would not like Members to execute /fly at spawn neather at warzone.
    I use PEX as my permissions plugin and WorldGuard as my region plugin.
    Hope that this is possible.
    Have a nice day everyone! ;)
  2. Uzi


    I prefer using this amazing plugin you can Disable fly in any regions and any worlds or even little regions

    I recommend this plugin its very good and amazing

    Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.8 ,1.9 ,1.10 ,1.11
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  3. Well simply go forth and make sure you have two different regions in WorldGuard. Have one region called "spawn" and another called "warzone". The cool thing about WorldGuard are flags. Make sure your region "warzone" has the flag set for having fly disabled. You can do this using: "/rg flag warzone block-cmds /fly".

    In PEX be sure to give the fly command.. If you're using essentials the permission is "".

    Now your VIP can fly in spawn but not in Warzone.
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  4. Uzi


    The plugin I suggested disables fly even when its activated world guard just disables the command /fly not the action it will not disable it but the plugin I suggested will disable it even when they have it on from another world/region that allowed it but World Guard will not, but yes ZaWulf that is another example and thanks for also showing him that <3
  5. How can I select all the world to define a region, because I would like to have 2: Spawn, World
  6. Uzi


    Do /region flag __global__ (flag) allow or deny
  7. The default region name for a regular world would be "__global__". Do /rg list and let me know what is listed in yellow.
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  8. I can come onto your server and walk you through anything you'd like to know.
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  9. It says no region can be found with name _global_
  10. It's 4 underscores... __global__
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  11. I believe that block-cmds dose not exist any more since it shows me the list whenever I execute the command
  12. Uzi


    Honestly I don't understand why you're not using the plugin i recommended its made By: Clip < He is an amazing Dev check it out fam <3
  13. Thanks but the only issue is that I do not have a specific region where to remove this command, I ONLY want people to fly at SPAWN but everywhere else no. I tried doing that __global__ thing that I got suggested but it dose not work :(
  14. Like I said.. I can assist you.. Message me your IP and I'll hop on when I can.
  15. It's via Hamachi sorry